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YouTube updates app monetization

YouTube has updated monetization options in its mobile app by making changes to the Advertiser Friendly Guidelines.

These guidelines are in place to prevent offensive or illegal content from appearing on the platform, but regular changes and unclear rules have resulted in many creators having their content removed without reason or explanation.

This has led to some backlash with creators speaking out against the unclear guidance, as even unintentional rule breaches can harm monetization opportunities.

YouTube has confirmed that the following aspects of the Advertiser Friendly Guidelines are set to be updated: adult content, violence, harmful/dangerous acts, inappropriate language, drug-related content, and dishonest behavior.

Pretty standard stuff, most of these categories are what you’d expect from the guidelines of any major social media platform. However, there are some specific details within each that could be of interest to content creators.

For example, YouTube has confirmed that all forms of bad language will be treated equally and not on levels of severity, as they did previously. Now, if bad language is used in the first eight seconds of a video, that video will not be eligible for monetization. However, bad language used after eight seconds will mean that the video can be monetized.

YouTube has also confirmed that it is set to launch a new Research option in the app’s analytics section, which is said to include features that are not available on desktop.

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