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YouTube rolls out multi-language audio analytics feature

Last month, YouTube launched a multi-language audio feature for creators on the platform, allowing them to add various additional audio tracks to videos in multiple languages.

As the platform looks to further expand its international reach, this was a vital step that increased the accessibility and multi-national appeal of content hosted on the video-sharing site.

Now, creators who add multi-language audio tracks will have access to new analytic data, which will help them evaluate the success of their content and assess the benefits of including additional language audio tracks.

These analytics can be accessed via the Audio Track Report in the Creator Studio. Viewer data can be categorised by language and geographical location, giving creators an immediate insight into how multi-language audio is impacting the reach of their content.

Additionally, creators will be able to access data on average view duration and watch time, giving them a further opportunity to evaluate the success of their content.

YouTube is a truly global company with significant viewership bases in countries around the world. By adding options for multi-language audio, YouTube will be able to further expand and grow in non-English speaking countries and should see engagement increase.

The news comes amid big changes at YouTube, with CEO Susan Wojcicki stepping down last month after nearly nine years at the helm.

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