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Twitter Fleets – What affiliate marketers should know

Twitter has recently rolled out a brand new feature after a long testing phase known as Twitter Fleets. This feature is similar to stories that appear on other popular channels such as Facebook, Instagram and more recently – LinkedIn.

However, Twitter has put its own spin on this feature. Below, we look at what Twitter fleets really are and what affiliate marketers should know about them.

What are Twitter Fleets?

If you haven’t yet noticed the fleets appearing at the top of your Twitter feed, it won’t be long before you do. Twitter has been rolling out this feature with a large percentage of Twitter users noticing it appearing over the past few days. While there has been a pause on the rollout due to technical faults, it won’t be long before we are all seeing it.

Fleets are temporary tweets that only last for 24 hours and appear on the Twitter homepage. They appear vertically, unlike regular tweets and they have limited engagement features. So, you won’t be able to retweet or reply publicly to a fleet like a regular tweet.

How do they work?

If you have ever used Instagram stories before then you’ll find fleets easy to operate. All you need to do is tap on your avatar and start creating. You can add a GIF, a photo or simply text. If you want to see other users’ fleets, you simply need to tap on their avatar and this will appear.

It is possible to delete fleets but they will disappear automatically after 24 hours anyway. This feature does allow some engagement with DMs accepted, as well as reactions and private replies.

How can affiliates marketers use fleets?

As with any new social media feature, fleets open up a world of opportunities for affiliate marketers. You should always be using the tools at your disposal and this one can be quite interesting to test out to see what works for you.

With the fleets disappearing after 24 hours, limited time offers could be created and promotion. Promo codes with affiliate links can be added with a large push on the offer ending soon. Then, when the offer is over, the user won’t be able to find it again – unless you repost. Giveaways are also possible using fleets as these can often only be active for a limited time.

It is also possible to use fleets for a new kind of content. Perhaps, you could use your regular tweets for promotions, while your fleets focus on life behind the scenes. You could give players an insight into how their favourite site works and is created.

If you are running an affiliate brand that doesn’t receive a lot of engagement, this feature could work in your favour. It can be easy for tweets to get lost on the feed when a user follows a lot of active accounts. However, if you make use of fleets, you can bring your content right to the top of their homepage and target them in an additional way.

As always, you’ll need to get creative when using fleets. Bold graphics and new, unique offers will help you stand out from other iGaming affiliates. Stay on top of this feature and other new tools coming to Twitter soon – like Spaces.

It won’t be long before the industry leaders are using fleets so stay ahead of your competition to build your affiliate brand.

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