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Tune in to see the Elevate Summit and its 14+ hours of content

The Elevate Summit has come, but not gone. The entirely virtual event was filled with 14+ hours of content that you can access at any point. There were over 1,500 delegates in attendance, over 30 speakers, and more than 10 workshops and panels for you to get involved in.

There was a massive amount of top-tier companies that attended, including names like Boots, Microsoft, Expedia, British Gas, PayPal, Nike, and Home Depot, coming to listen to a board of marketing experts that included Ross Attwood, Robin Albrecht, and our own Lee-Ann Johnstone.

Our Elevate Summit appeals to all sorts. If you are an entrepreneur, a digital marketer, an affiliate, an operator or brand, an affiliate network, an agency owner, or a founder, you’ll find our information hugely valuable to your operation. Take a look at our guide to all the content to see what you’d like to most tap into.

B2B Affiliate Programs – How to Elevate your B2B affiliate partnerships and drive more sales for your brand

A panel made up company directors kicks off the start of the Elevate Summit with a panel discussing B2B affiliate programs. It’s a deep dive on how to launch, scale and grow your marketing strategies with B2B partners, including partner research and onboarding strategies.

The rise of micro affiliates and how best to manage them, get better ROI and elevate your brand through their unique content creations

The rise of micro affiliates is changing social media marketing permanently. Spurred on by a change in user attitudes, these influencers are creating a lot of good, more profitable, opportunities for affiliate marketers.

Lee-Ann moderates a panel made up of CEOs and founders who are all discussing how you can harness the power of the micro-influencer.

Affiliate Tech & Innovation: Are you working smarter vs harder to elevate your program performance and deliver on your sales goals?

This panel made up of CEOs and founders discusses how to achieve your sales goals the easy way. Strategies are discussed on what makes for the best way to reach those sales goals, and we find that working harder isn’t always the answer. There is talk of shoppable media and affiliate marketing intersecting, plus plenty of actionable advice to get your business moving.

How to find more affiliates and elevate your affiliate outreach with a detailed search and recruit funnel

Head of Ecosystem at eWebinar, Paddy McGill leads a MasterClass in how to work smarter, not harder to extend your brand reach. He lays out tools that will help you in your competitive research, he shows you how to create an automated workflow so you’re not doing all the heavy lifting, and he shows examples of outreach emails that turn affiliates into active partners.

How to elevate your affiliate program growth after your launch using 5 Simple Strategies that cost nothing to implement

Our very own Lee-Ann Johnstone leads a MasterClass in five simple strategies to elevate your affiliate program to the next level. She goes over 5 simple strategies, that don’t cost anything to incorporate, and that will elevate your affiliate program to the next level.

How to elevate your publisher and partner performance by understanding and listening to what affiliates really want and need

Looking after your affiliates is important, and a lot of the time they all want and need different things. This panel discusses pet peeves, myths to bust, and common misconceptions that publishers face when dealing with affiliates – as well as how to break through them.

The CMO’s Playbook – How to elevate affiliate performance within your marketing strategy to gain better brand momentum and grow your sales

This panel revisits the basics to get them really nailed in. Around 70% of CMOs admit they don’t understand the affiliate marketing model, so this panel goes over the Who, What, When, and Why of affiliate marketing with experts to back up the data.

How to build a successful community around your affiliate program and build an army of affiliate fans around your brand

Ugenie CEO, Susan Kabani leads this MasterClass on building communities. Communities are a powerful tool of influence on social media, as we have gone over lots of times in our blog. Susan shows you how to plan, launch and grow an affiliate community made up of partners and fans, as well as avoiding common pitfalls and how to cause engagement.

How to use gamification to elevate your affiliate program performance and increase your partner delivery

The closing class of the event was led by Melinda Jacobs, Co-CEO, Perkio.io & Founder of Subatomic, who showed how affiliate performance and games can intersect.

She outlined the science behind gamification, which is a powerful tool of engagement, and how to implement it. There were also details shared about common pitfalls to make sure that you are doing gamification right.

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot more content available to get you inspired for your marketing campaign. Plus, if you’re interested in more affiliate marketing information, take a look at our blog, or for a more personalized approach, book a free call with a member of our team. The Elevate Summit is a virtual event so you can still access all the content through the on-demand access. Buy your tickets to get access to all the content, which features info from case studies, webinars, white papers, and other content all-around affiliate marketing.

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