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TikTok launches Pulse Premiere ad program

TikTok is expanding its Pulse Ads program with a premium option that maximises ad placement to specific verticals and topics, including the most popular content on the app.

The new venture, Pulse Premiere, is an extension of current Pulse ads that launched last May and enables marketers to place ads alongside TikToks that are in the top 4% of any given performers’ catalogue on any given day.

TikTok explained that with Pulse Premiere brands will have the ability to control where their ads are delivered. They can be placed next to content from publishing partners in the sports, entertainment, lifestyle, and education sectors for special one-off events and as evergreen content.

Additionally, the Pulse Premiere expansion will include Pulse Seasonal Line Ups and Max Pulse. Pulse Seasonal Line Ups will offer the ability for advertisers to put ads on the latest trending videos on the platform around any particular marketing moment, cultural event, or season when the interest is at its peak. Max Pulse is a new buying mechanism that will allow advertisers to run their own creative advertisements alongside the top 4% of trending content across the TikTok platform.

It is the hope that the Pulse Premiere ad program helps marketers on TikTok realise the full potential of their campaigns.

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