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TikTok blocks app store links in user bios

After emerging reports, TikTok has confirmed that links to app stores in creator bios will now be blocked.

Previously, creators could include links to third-party apps and stores in their bios, which users could follow and download.

Now, when these links are clicked, a message that reads ‘Action Cannot Be Completed’ is displayed.

This could have a serious impact on creators who have cost-per-install deals in place with brands and app developers, as they will no longer be able to direct users to apps from their TikTok profiles.

TikTok detailed that Business accounts will still be permitted to link to app stores and that only Personal accounts will be prevented from doing so. However, Personal accounts will still be able to link out to other third-party websites.

The company also confirmed that it will be introducing a ‘Download App’ feature for Business accounts to use, which will direct users to specific app store products.

The news is evidence of TikTok’s desire to create more distinction between Personal accounts and Business accounts. What’s more, the move will encourage brands to focus more on forging partnerships with TikTok Business accounts, rather than individual creators.

TikTok is one of the main platforms used by app developers to market and advertise their products, so this news will certainly mean they will have to rethink their approach.

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