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The 5 best affiliate marketing books to add to your collection

They say knowledge is power, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the affiliate marketing industry. The more you know, the more successful your business will ultimately be, and you’ll have the insight to implement an effective marketing strategy.

The month of March is all about reading, and what better way to learn than through the power of books? To celebrate this month’s World Book Day, we’ve put together a list of the six best affiliate marketing books that you can add to your collection.

  1. Affiliate Marketing for Dummies – Ted Sudol and Mladjenovic

The X for Dummies series is one of the world’s best-known and most beloved non-fiction book franchises, covering an unbelievable range of different topics, sectors, and industries.

Don’t let the title fool you, this book isn’t purely aimed at total beginners to the affiliate marketing world. While it certainly is a fantastic starting point for newcomers, the book delves deep into the fundamentals of affiliate marketing and covers both theoretical and practical topics. Even industry veterans can benefit from going back to basics sometimes, which means Affiliate Marketing for Dummies deserves a spot on your bookshelf no matter how experienced you are.

2. Affiliate Marketing for Business Owners – Jason Hulot

This is a short read but offers some amazing insights for small businesses who want to learn how to launch an affiliate program and run it in house too. Our CEO, Lee-Ann Johnstone has also read it and often recommends it to others as a base point for understanding the strategy and set up of an affiliate program for small business owners. Best of all you could read it cover to cover in just a few hours and get a really basic understanding of the players that are involved in starting an affiliate program and the resources you’d need to get started.

3. Affiliate Program Management: An Hour a Day – Evgenii ‘Geno’ Prussakov

If you’re looking for details about what a typical day looks like for an affiliate program manager, look no further than Affiliate Program Management: An Hour a Day.Written by award-winning affiliate management expert Evgenii ‘Geno’ Prussakov,  the book talks you through how to effectively plan and launch your own affiliate program, using real-world case studies and processes to give you a clear idea of industry-standard practices. What’s more, the book covers a lot of content creation strategy tips, including for social media, videos, widgets, and coupons.

4. Performance Partnerships / Moving to Outcomes  – Robert Glazer

Sometimes, looking backwards is just as important as looking forwards. By studying history, we can then use what we’ve learnt to inform our decisions as we move forward. This is particularly relevant for affiliate marketers, analysing the industry in the past can give us a clear vision of where it’s heading in the future.In Performance Partnerships, affiliate marketing expert Robert Glazer gives us a detailed history of the industry and reflects on how the sector has evolved and how he sees its future path. These insights are invaluable, be sure to add Performance Partnerships to your collection. Plus if you want to read his other book, Moving to Outcomes which poses some interesting insights on where affiliate marketing is headed.

5. Partnership Economy – David Yovanno

We’re all trying to understand where and how the affiliate industry will move to next as we face the future and the complex partnerships that now make up an affiliate program. In this book you’ll find an actionable roadmap navigating the new era of partnership, applying tested techniques whilst learning new from real-world examples  and practical frameworks that will help you unlock the idea of modern partnerships and how this can be leveraged in your business to help it scale and grow.


Whether you’re just starting out as an affiliate program manager or an established affiliate marketing pro, check out some of the books we’ve listed above and expand your skills and insights to what could be happening next. In an industry that’s constantly changing, on the job development and learning is a key part of your success.

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