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Social media marketing content ideas for your campaign

Are you running low on ideas for your social media marketing campaign? Are you hitting all these vital areas of content? We’re not talking about text, image, and video, but the purpose of the content. What does it hope to achieve? You have a lot of options, and an optimal social media marketing campaign is going to hit all of them evenly across your content calendar.

Take a look at our suggestions to be sure you’ve got every aspect covered as well as a breakdown of why they are helpful to your social media marketing campaign.

Engagement boosts

Engagements boosts are designed to get your audience talking, creating a two-way conversation from a single post. Usually, it comes in the form of a question, which is commonly incorporated into any post, but sometimes you have to create a post around the question in order to get users engaged. They know what you are doing when you passively ask a question in your Instagram caption. They know you don’t actually expect an answer.

So, instead, use other content ideas like asking for advice, which is a lot more open-ended, taking a poll, which is useful for gauging audience preferences, and contests. You can also go for more quirky things like “Wrong answers only” captions, Mad Libs style comments, comment with a gif, etc. Where appropriate, you can also ask people to comment on a controversy. It’s a good way to gain engagement because, by definition, if it’s controversial, it means people feel strongly about it enough to give an opinion, but it’s a judgement call on whether it suits your brand.


Favourites are simple enough. It’s a good one to fall back on if you don’t really have a talking point for your content. Whatever the content is about, ask what your audience’s favourite of that thing is. It can be apps, movies, books, educational resources, make-up, software, and anything else that is relevant to your business or content.

Expert advice

Expert content is particularly useful if you are in a B2B business, however expert status content doesn’t necessarily mean you are the expert. Use your curated content to share the best advice on the internet and gain followers or create your own content around how you do things and why it’s superior to other companies.

Getting personal

This used to be a big faux pas in traditional marketing, but times have changed. Users are a lot more suspicious of who they’re buying from and are doing their research on social media. Ultimately, they want to know that they can trust you. Sometimes that means they are looking for a particular political stance, but more often than not they are swayed by just getting to know you. They want to know there is something human about your company.

Personal content can come in a lot of forms. A few ideas include current mood posts, personal mantras, challenges, gratitude, hobby, lessons, relaxation, etc. All of these things add a little humanity to your business, so your users know there’s more to you than making money.


You should aim to incorporate visuals, images and video, where you can, but there are some ideas that aim to be a visual first, like behind the scenes content, sneak peeks, before and after content, where you can demonstrate your business products and services, how to’s where you can show how they work, memes, inspirational quotes, or even simply what your team is up to throughout the day, or at lunch, etc.


Self-promotion ultimately comes down to calls to action. You can drive traffic to your website, another social media platform, your favourite products, a blog, etc. It’s a good opportunity to repurpose content you’ve used elsewhere while promoting your other marketing angles.

Trending topics

Trending topics are centred around what is happening at the moment. Some of them you can see coming, like National Day/Week/Month etc. usually in celebration of a concept, or national holidays, and some will have to be made on the fly for things like what’s trending on Twitter today, current events, controversial topics, and pop culture, etc.

If all else fails…

Remember that users want to learn something. A lot of these ideas satisfy that need. You are teaching them about your business operations, but if you can incorporate more learning opportunities, like insights into your business, why you do what you do, how it works, etc. you will gain even more engagement.

If you like the idea of learning more about affiliate and social media marketing, you can take a look at our blog or book a free call with a member of our team for a more personalized approach. Or you can attend the Elevate Summit in June to gain expert advice from panels, talks, and workshops.

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