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PlayAttack introduce the December to Remember Showdown: QnA

It’s officially December! Are you ready to get into the holiday spirit? No? Well, this can surely help you. PlayAttack is fully embracing the Christmas joy and spreading it to others with an affiliate program deal and some new iGaming offers. For all the details, we sat down with PlayAttack to get the lowdown on their latest deal.

1. PlayAttack has an active affiliate program, why do you feel it’s important for programs such as yours to engage partners throughout seasonal events?

Organizing our own contests is a very important part of our affiliate program. Yes, not everyone does it, but we are proud of our activities, which are interesting for partners and help partners to interest players. It’s a win-win approach. Also, there is a seasonality in this business, and events help to achieve some results, both in the low and high seasons. By the new year, it wasn’t right not to make a competition with gifts and cash prizes. And we did.

2. Tell us about your Christmas promo – who is it for and how do partners engage in it? 

We have two huge events for this new year. For players on MrBit, Frank, and SlotV, there is a lottery – the Christmas Scratch Off Draw (12/01/2022 — 01/15/2023). There, brands are raffling off a car, cash, and gadgets. Plus, both betting and the casino participate

And we, PlayAttack, made the A December to Remember Xmas Showdown contest (1.12.2022 – 04.01.2023) which is interesting for both partners and players. The bottom line is that popular streamers in Romania register on the site and recruit players into their teams to take part in the race for prizes. By the way, by participating in Xmas Showdown, players can also win a prize in Christmas Scratch Off Draw

Isn’t this a holiday!

3. Why have you focused on this event, particularly on streamers vs traditional affiliates? 

For traditional affiliates, we also do a lot of things. We have a mailing list with all the announcements that will interest the players. Did an application appear? We tell. New offer? Let’s say. Car raffle? Of course. Streamers need a different approach. Since they make money from content, we will help them make exciting and engage players in iterative stories

4. What benefits do partners gain from being part of the PlayAttack Affiliate program?

Our key approach is to treat our affiliate partners with respect and fairness. We always make sure to find the best way to cooperate with every affiliate we have by providing all the information about our brands, tools, and various marketing materials available to make the campaign successful. In addition, we are always looking for a long terms relationships that would be fruitful for both partners and us. Therefore, we are available to chat anytime when an affiliate needs us.

5. What’s the best thing about being a PlayAttaack Affiliate Partner, what’s the USP that makes your partnership program great? 

Despite the fact that we are still a relatively small company, we do have a lot of ambitions and ideas on how to make affiliates’ cooperation with us better and more fun. Currently, we have started an exclusive live stream contest for our streamers, where a lot of great prizes will be offered together with a cash prize pool. So keep an eye on our affiliate platform for constant updates in order not to miss the fun.

Sign up with PlayAttack to get all the perks of being an affiliate in this holly, jolly, Christmas deal.

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