Pivot don’t Panic: Industry leading experts to join the Live Call

I’m really excited about the week ahead.

Since announcing my Pivot don’t Panic Live call on Monday 30th March at 3pm GMT, we’ve had an overwhelming response to this outreach.

I’m pleased to be hosting this discussion as we face stringent lock downs and further global social isolation. There are now over 100+ people registered to attend this live conversation with me. We will be discussing how affiliate and digital marketing is going to change during this difficult time.

Now more than ever, I believe it is important for businesses and business owners to come together to discuss how digital may change and to understand how to work through a time of crisis to pivot and change the way you do business overall.

There is much to discuss and mull over and now is the time to be seen and heard online and get your business visible in what is to become soon, a very crowded market place as more and more businesses invest in online marketing and media to engage audiences during this time.

A brief synopsis on what we’ll be talking about: 
  • How to manage times of crisis and how best to pivot your business
  • The impact COVID-19 will have on digital marketing channels, such as Media Buying, Social Media, & PPC & Search
  • Impacts for the Affiliate industry and how affiliates can protect their income short and long term
  • Content writing and audience engagement and how this might be affected and how you can break through the noise.
  • Brand Protection in search and how you’ll need to manage your strategy competitively now
  • How to get more visible both as a business and as a personal brand
PLUS –  here is a preview of the experts joining me on this call and their key area of expertise which they will be sharing with you:


  • Dawn Crossingham (D52) – A Top UK Business Advisor in finance & funding (Experian) – Dawn will be speaking about how you can manage crisis times in your business and focus on your mindset to pivot and take positive actions


  • Sarafina Wolde – Gabrielle (Income Access, A Paysafe Company) – One of the most knowledgeable people I know in Affiliate Marketing with years of experience in programme management , tracking and technology and an experienced digital  marketer, who will discuss how brands and affiliates can use technology and insight to make intelligent decisions to pivot processes and maintain success.


  • Sarah Sangster (Sangster Digital) – A virtual Facebook Marketing Guru who has a unique way of using social media to engage audiences that convert. She’s an experienced digital marketer with almost two decades of experience to share on this call


  • Sharon McFarlane (Crystal Content) – Owner of an award winning content marketing agency and experienced online Casino marketer, Sharon will divulge how content marketing strategies might need to change in a busier market place. Affiliates who use SEO and Content marketing will be able to glean value from this discussion on where to focus their efforts next.


  • Allan Petrilli (Intelitics) – An experienced affiliate marketer, Allan now heads up the new SaaS product offering associated to CAP which offers effective affiliate program management for iGaming businesses.


  • Dean Seddon, CEO (Maverrik) – Dean is a LinkedIn and Digital Marketing expert. He’s one of the best LinkedIn Marketers (in my opinion) and is going to share his expertise on how businesses and brands must be visible during these times and how you can simply and effectively build your audiences.


  • Van Chapell (BrandVerity) – Van is EMEA General Manager at BrandVerity and will be sharing his expertise around Pay per Click and brand protection in competitive markets such as ours. He’ll explain how it’s going to be imperative that affiliates monitor brand infringements on their campaign and also competitors who creep into their turf.


  • Sam Behar (Marathonbet) – Sam is one of the most experienced media and digital marketers I know. He’ll be discussing how paid media strategy and costs will be impacted by COVID-19 and how affiliates and operators might pivot strategy accordingly at this time.


  • Nick Garner (Rize.digital) – Nick is a well known figure in the Search industry having run several companies in the iGaming industry. Nick regularly features in the IGB Affiliate magazine and is incredibly knowledgeable about how search gets impacted in times of change. He’s also (in my opinion) somewhat of a futurologist and trend spotter.


  • Martin Calvert (ICS Digital) – Martin is a well known Digital Marketer and Search and Content expert, having run big brand campaigns he’s a speaker, writer and regular event go-er and someone who has a depth of knowledge and understanding across multiple markets.


This really is a powerhouse of expertise combined to help you get the support you need to help your business to grow during these difficult times.

I for one, am looking forward to this call now more than ever – and invite you to come along and enjoy it with me!

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