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Meta to lay off a further 10,000 staff

Last week, we reported that Meta was planning to conduct another round of layoffs, following a previous employee cull in November 2022.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed the rumours this week in a lengthy Facebook post where he detailed incoming layoffs and plans to restructure the ailing tech firm.

Last year, Meta laid off over 11,000 staff from offices around the world. The news came as a shock and was a representation of the wider struggles faced by the tech industry, fuelled by economic downturn and reduced consumer spending.

Zuckerberg has previously spoken about his desire to make 2023 Meta’s ‘Year of Efficiency’ a term which he again referenced in his most recent Facebook update.

As part of this plan, the company will lay off a further 10,000 staff and close approximately 5,000 open job listings.

Many of these planned layoffs will occur in recruitment teams, with details expected to be confirmed by the end of April.

As well as layoffs, Zuckerberg is planning for a general restructuring of Meta, with the aim of ‘flattening’ what he perceives to be bloated middle management.

Hiring freezes and the cancelling of low-priority projects are to be expected while this restructuring takes place.

Speaking on Facebook, Zuckerberg said the layoffs “will be in service of both building a leaner, more technical company and improving our business performance to enable our long-term vision.”

The tech industry has struggled in recent months. As evidenced by the recent Meta layoffs, even the giants aren’t immune, with major companies like Amazon and Twitter also trimming their workforce in an attempt to reduce expenditure.

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