JDigital criticises new advertising restrictions for gambling in Spain

Spanish operator’s association JDigital has criticised the government’s new regulations for gambling advertising in the country. They are particularly concerned that the decision could lead to a rise in illegal gambling activities.

The stringent restrictions will ban sponsorship deals

The Spanish government has recently introduced new restrictions which limit what gambling companies can market to consumers. Radio and television advertisements, for instance, can now only be broadcast between 1 am and 5 am.

Meanwhile, promotional bonuses have been banned and betting sponsorship deals with gambling operators/football teams will be prohibited once the 2020/2021 Spanish football season has completed.

JDigital has been highly critical of the decision. Their spokesperson said this on the matter: “We do not believe that there is good or bad gambling, as the Government is proposing, but we defend that online gambling should be a responsible leisure option, as the sector has always advocated and will advocate.”

Giving rise to the illegal gambling market

They continued: “We consider the Draft Royal Decree on Commercial Communications of Gaming Activities approved today discriminatory, unfair and disproportionate, especially in a market in which online gambling is a legal activity highly regulated, and where the incidence rate of problem gambling has remained stable at 0.3% of the population between 15 and 65 years of age since 2015, being one of the lowest in Europe.”

JDigital has also expressed their concern about how these stringent regulations could increase illegal gambling activity in Spain, stating that there might be “dire consequences in terms of protection of vulnerable groups.”

The operator’s association has implored the Spanish government to reconsider for the sake of the industry and the safety of its customers.

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