Intelitics gets green light for Colorado licence

Leading analytics and marketing provider, Intelitics, has been granted a licence to work with sportsbook and casino operators in Colorado.


The performance marketing and analytics provider currently holds licences in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Now with Colorado under their wing, the provider is only predicted to increase their licence opportunities in states across America.

Intelitics essentially supplies a platform for casino and sportsbook operators to understand and revise their marketing strategy. They help operators keep everything in one place. This is entirely beneficial for operators across the states as it can be hard to keep track of performance.

However, Intelitics provides a specified platform for operators, allowing them to track their partnerships and campaigns. This tracking service also helps operators analyse and grow their partnerships through real-time data which allows them to boost their ROI in turn.

This allows operators understand what is truly working for them and what isn’t, allowing them to turn their focus onto what is delivering the best results. They work through a data hub which acts as a one-stop-shop for analysts, media buyers and executives.

Why Intelitics?

This provider is growing in popularity among operators as they are providing powerful and efficient reports for all involved within the interactive process. From this, operators can understand the value of their sources and change them if needed.

CEO of Intelitics, Allan Stone, notes: “We are delighted to have secured a licence from the Colorado Division of Gaming allowing us to work with licensed sportsbook operators in the state for the very first time.”

This opens up a lot of opportunity for affiliates. CasinoAffiliatePrograms is currently run by Intelitics and has delivered approximately $70m (£51m) in net game revenue among over 150,000 first-time depositing customers. Intelitics is ready to work with operators in Colorado, focusing on maximising the value of their marketing strategies.

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