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How to engage players with unusual activities – RocketPlay case

RocketPlay Casino is pretty young, having started operating in early 2021. But an overabundance of casino bonuses, thousands of different slots, and a reputation with no match helped the casino to become memorable.

RocketPlay team considers that growth depends on relentless improvement and becoming different from others. When it comes to getting player’s attention, it’s vital to get the marketing team their props – they choose to integrate creativity and usual solutions as an instrument of constant growth. RocketPlay could boast of different promotions, especially tournaments and series where the player gets focused not only on the game but become a part of the whole plot. This and other instruments help the Casino to keep running the engine – involve new players, turn them into loyal players, and steadily increase the profit.

Why creativity is in need

RocketPlay considers the power of creativity in marketing as one of the most important to build a loyal community. The main goal is to involve a player to the project using different approaches.

To use creativity on a daily basis as a strategic business asset, the RocketPlay marketing department usually sets those tasks for the team members:

–  work on virality to create a snowball effect in Media. That’s why it is of crucial importance to make all promotional campaigns memorable.
– creative approach in promotions helps both to engage new players as well as increase mentions in Social Media.
— unusual information occasions can catch the target audience’s attention faster – this player will find RocketPlay interesting, give it a try and bring profit to the company.

As a result, from creativity, it is possible to benefit in all product spheres. Now it is one of the most sustainable competitive advantages; creativity could bring revenue, profits, and growth for all products by using it wisely.

How to generate an idea

A really good idea goes through a lot of stages before turning into a creative promotion that which player sees. Usually, the process can be divided into several stages:

– Researching about the top trends in the gambling sphere will indicate the competitive sphere — not only how far other companies in the sphere have gone, but also finding out statistics or references will be suitable in building a new strategy.
— The team brainstorm as a part of coming up with new ideas. During brainstorms, some crazy and brilliant options could appear; the most important is to generate ones that are real to bring to life.
– When receiving several solutions, creative departments get together to decide how to implement one of these ideas. After that, all departments start working on the idea, and in the meantime, the user can see the result of their work in the promotional package.

“Become a star” case or how RocketPlay players created their own constellations

One of the interesting RocketPlay’s creative cases is the “Become a star” cycled tournament series which was active for 5 weeks. It was the first promotion where players literally aimed for the stars. A cycled tournament is an activity that starts every Monday and lasts for a week, where players compete to make the largest sum of bets over the course of a week.

There was one condition that made a promotion a unique one – the first ten players of any tournament were able to name a star in their honour.

The main idea was to take a  typical tournament on the project and make it different from others by changing the marketing message and giving a non-standard present. As a result, this creative campaign increased the number of players on more than 50% and set a record of player engagement in those type of tournaments.   During the while promotion period, the number of views increased on +156%, the number of users on +192,67% and the number of deposit got +49,65%.

The coverage in media was also quite impressive – the best gaming media published articles about RocketPlay, which was more than 20 posts with a total reach of over 1 million people. Such promotion made a great contribution to the brand as creating a public image and positive impression.

One of RocketPlay’s public relations team, Sam Gabriel Smith, told: “We are pretty sure that standing out of the crowd is a way to give your product a competitive advantage. Because of unusual promotion we had a wonderful chance to get to know our players. Someone named a Star in honor of family members or close people, someone got in mind names of there pets or important places which had impact on their lifes. We built with our players an emotional connection and left a mark as the first casino which created the constellation of players’ priceless moments – what could be more appreciated?”

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