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Dutch to ban untargeted advertisements no later than July 1st

The Dutch minister for legal protection, Franc Weerwind, has released a written response to parliamentary questioning that outlined that the proposed broadcast gambling advertising ban will happen “no later” than July 1st.

Announced by Weerwind in July 2022, the proposed ban aims at “untargeted” advertising, banning iGaming marketing from public spaces, television and radio.

Another option posed by a member of parliament was to implement a “two strikes and you’re out” model enforced by the KSA offering two warnings and then revoking an operator’s license. However, Weerwind did not agree that such a plan would be effective.

“Experience shows that normal transferring discussions often already lead to compliance with the rules and orders subject to periodic penalty payments are not necessary,” said Weerwind. “If an order subject to periodic penalty payments does not lead to compliance with the law, a fine may also be imposed in addition to or instead of an order subject to periodic penalty payments.”

“This requires customisation and I think it is important that the regulator has the scope to provide this customisation. A two-strikes-you’re-out model does not fit in with that.”

Ultimately, the point of the ban is to make sure that online gambling isn’t normalised to underage users in any way and the “two strikes” method wasn’t a convincing way to avoid that according to the politician.

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