June Digital Marketing Mixer

What happened at yesterday’s Digital Marketing Mixer?

Following on from the first successful event hosted by Lee-Ann Johnstone in May,  the June edition of another Digital Marketing Mixer took place yesterday. Once again, it was both enjoyable and productive for all.

In addition to the usual speed networking break out sessions, attendees were treated to tips on how to build their content marketing strategy to engage more customers and convert online. Moreover, fun caricature drawings of everybody were handed out – plus Lee-Ann announced the launch of her private Digital & Affiliate Marketing Mixer community which is hosted on Ugenio.io a community app that will replace the FREE Facebook group that started in May.

If you’d like to join this FREE Digital & Affiliate Marketing community and take advantage of the live networking, monthly expert trainings and masterclasses plus watch the free webinar’s that will be posted inside you can do so here , or simply download the Ugenie.io community app on your mobile phone within the App Store. Once your member account on Ugenie is created, simply find the Digital + Affiliate Marketing Mixer community and apply to join.

Here’s a quick recap of what happened at the Digital & Affiliate Marketing Mixer.

A stellar Content Marketing masterclass 

One of this month’s event partners was Ugenie.io, which is a SaaS platform enabling users to build tight-knit online communities to learn share and grow their skills and services. As part of the Digital & Affiliate Marketing Mixer, the platform’s founder – Susan Kabani hosted a short masterclass on building effective content marketing that will help you convert more customers.

Making sure that your content reaches who it’s supposed to was one of the things discussed. In addition to this, the differences between audiences and communities were also identified along with 10 top tips to improve your content marketing strategy. Ugenie is also hosting a weekly ‘Building & Engaging Online Communities’ session each Tuesday. If you want to find out more about how communities work, you can do so here.

Speed networking 

If you’re old enough to remember speed dating, speed networking is somewhat like that. You’re given a limited amount of time to find out about others in your Zoom room, as well as what they do and whether you can add or provide value to your business. If you’re not old enough to remember speed dating, it’s like Tinder with less of the swiping.

Delegates get placed in a room of random strangers to do get connected, do new business and discuss some of the main issues at hand in their business and in the environment we are all working in. Once the time was up, it was back into the main lobby with new connections to pursue possible business with.

LOADS of Fun 

At each of these events networking and business is balanced with fun. In May, a cocktail-making specialist joined the party. This time around, attendees were treated to caricature drawings of themselves by a professional online artist. We’re looking forward to seeing these pop up on social media profiles soon!

If you’ve ever been on holiday at a coastal town or city in Southern Europe, you’ll be familiar the street artists who draw conceptual images of you and your partner. Well, that’s what this was like. Only it was online and the weather outside was not sunny if you were in the UK.

In addition to the drawings, a general knowledge quiz was held for the second successive month and Emile van Eck from Flash Mobile Payment Solutions was the winner of this months Quiz which offered a £100 Amazon Voucher!

If you miss this months event, you can join us in August

The two Digital Marketing Mixer events held so far have been beneficial for both socialising and networking. Since it’s still difficult for many to attend real-life events, there will be another DMM in August and the MasterClass theme for that month will be all about the upcoming changes that are going to take place in SEO during 2021 and how you can get ready to meet them.

More information related to that will be released in due course, so keep an eye out on our website and on our social channels too!

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