BettorEdge releases no-vig sports betting platform in the US

iGaming provider BettorEdge has released a new sports betting platform in the US, which is different from the traditional sportsbook because it allows ‘no-vig’ betting. The platform is powered by Sportradar and legal across 40 different states.

Creating a fairer market for consumers

BettorEdge created their latest sports betting platform with the vision of making gambling fairer to consumers, hence the introduction of ‘no-vig’ betting. This essentially means that no fees will be collected when a bet is placed on the platform, so players could receive a larger percentage of profit after winning.

The sports betting platform will also not set lines or take a portion of the stake. Furthermore, the sportsbook shall provide analytics and tools to ensure the bettor can make informed decisions.

Building camaraderie between players

BettorEdge has integrated a social feature onto their platform, too. This will allow users to build a following or follow other bettors and view their performance over time. The company hopes that this social feature will build camaraderie between players.

Following on from their platform’s release the iGaming provider said this: “Users can bet on current or upcoming sports across NFL, NCAA FB, NCAA MB, NBA, NHL and PGA. With one platform to make bets, track performance and follow friends, BettorEdge is able to provide an end-to-end experience with the bettor in mind and is bringing no-vig sports betting to the masses.”

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