Arsenal Esports team to be managed by Esports Gaming League

The Esports Gaming League (EGL) has entered into an agreement to manage the Pro Evolution Soccer team for English Premier League Arsenal Football Club. This comes ahead of their second entry into the eFootball League.

The EGL has so far scouted the players and built the new team for the season’s competition. This includes players from all over Europe.

In their first season, Arsenal came within one point of reaching the Knockout Stage. With this new management helping out, it is hoped that they can reach further in the competition.

Though it is the Gunners’ second time in the competition, the 2020/2021 season marks the third season overall for the eFootball league. Some of the biggest teams in the world compete here virtually, including FC Bayern Munich, Barcelona, and Manchester United to name but a few.

With ten teams battling it out for the title, it should make for a season.

Esports have been on the rise in the past decade. In particular, the intersection of traditional sports giants like football and the esports format has been something that has interested people across both industries. It is thought that this could be a fantastic opportunity to bring together top sporting teams such as Arsenal and their fans in new ways.

Affiliates interested in either esports or football opportunities would do well to investigate some of the options available to their players through bodies like the EGL.

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